3 Feng Shui Tips To Consider When Staging Your Home For Sale

Posted on: 25 July 2017

While most people do not follow the principles of Feng Shui, using some of the key principles of this philosophy could help you sell your home faster. Feng Shui is a philosophy that focuses on achieving harmony through the positioning of your furniture and belongings in your house. While a lot of people may not even know what Feng Shui is, the principles behind it can make a home more inviting and appealing to anyone that comes there to view it. Here are three principles of Feng Shui you might want to consider using as you stage your home to sell it:

Increase the amount of light

Natural light is a great feature in a home, and you should try to increase the amount of natural light inside your home before you start showing it. In Feng Shui, natural light improves a person's mood and helps relieve anxiety and depression. Natural light is calming, and it can help people feel relaxed when entering your home to view it.

You can easily increase the natural light in your house by opening up the curtains and blinds. Let as much light come through your windows as possible during showings.

Focus on the entryway

Another principle of Feng Shui that you can use involves improving the looks and feel of the entryway in your home. The entryway is the area people will see first when walking into your home, and you should make sure the entryway offers a positive view of your home.

To do this, remove all clutter from this area and try to brighten it up with natural light or brighter light bulbs. You may also want to repaint your front door to make it look new and fresh. The main goal is to make your home look attractive from the moment people walk in.

Make all necessary repairs

In Feng Shui, things that are broken often represent bad luck and negative energy. If there are things around your home that need repairs, fix every one of them, even if they are just small, trivial things. By doing this, people will see that your home is in great condition and that they will not need to make repairs when they move in.

Staging your home with Feng Shui principles is a great idea if you are looking for direction. Contact a local real estate agent for hire for more information and assistance. 


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