Prioritize Certain Features When You Want To Buy A Home And Not Worry About Noise Levels

Posted on: 25 July 2017

As you get closer to being able to buy a home, you will likely figure out the things that you need. For instance, you may realize that you love to entertain family and friends, listen to loud music, and spend time in the backyard. These activities can make your home a noisy place, so you will want to make sure you go house hunting with this in mind and look for certain features that help you avoid complications.

Far Distance from Neighbors

The most important feature that your property should have is distance from neighbors. Being just a few feet away from the nearest home will most likely lead to noise problems because your neighbors may be trying to sleep or relax when you want to have the freedom to be as loud as you would like to be. An enormous yard may be enough space to separate yourself from neighbors with trees to block noise. But, you can also just look for secluded houses that do not necessarily have any other homes nearby.

Insulating Qualities

When you are somewhat close to a neighbor, you will want to have a home with great insulating qualities. These qualities often improve sound dampening, so you can benefit from it in multiple ways. Some examples include solid doors, double-paned windows, and added insulation to exterior walls. It is even helpful to look for solid interior doors because it will reduce how much the noise spreads to other areas. A home with high-pile carpet in most rooms should also provide excellent sound absorption. Even a fence and bushy trees in the backyard will provide sound reduction when you are spending time outside.

Finished Basement

Since the basement will be partially hidden by dirt and a concrete foundation, the noise that gets through will be minimal when compared to the main level of a home. While the egress windows will leak some sound, you can feel rather confident about not being too noisy when you are in the basement. It is best to organize the basement in a way so that the most noise occurs towards the backyard. This makes it so that the noise that does reach the outside does not go any further than the end of your property lines.

While it is not an easy task to reduce how much sound gets out of your home, looking for real estate that have some or all these qualities will help you accomplish this goal right away.


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