Dislike Bugs? 3 Tips On Avoiding Them When Buying A Place

Posted on: 15 November 2021

Through your experience with living in rentals, you may have come to learn that you do not like bugs. Some rentals make it easy to avoid being exposed to bugs often. However, buying your own place increases the chances of seeing bugs, depending on what property you purchase. Avoiding insects is a worthy goal and something you can do by being strategic with your house hunting endeavor.


Prioritizing a condo is a reliable way to minimize your exposure to bugs. This property type is advantageous because it usually does not come with any yard space to maintain. You may get a patio or balcony, but it will not have grass, plants, or trees that attract bugs to the area.

Buying in a condo community means that you will be paying a monthly HOA fee for others to maintain the property. So you get to enjoy the beauty and benefits of a lush and well-maintained landscape without having to get involved and worry about seeing any insects.

While checking out condos, you will find that one of the most reliable ways to avoid bug exposure is to prioritize upper floors. An upper-floor condo unit in a mid-rise or high-rise building would require insects to go on a long journey before reaching your unit and getting inside. While height alone will not eliminate all bugs, you can rely on this strategy in most cases.


Whether you look at condos, houses, or townhomes, you want to analyze the windows because they will play a role in keeping insects away. A well-insulated window is great at improving energy efficiency in your home while also protecting it from bugs. You may want to prioritize properties with recently replaced windows that you know are insulated well.

Another possibility is buying a home that needs some work and then hiring professionals to replace the windows.


Buying a house often means that you will get a front yard and backyard in some way, shape, or form. Almost any landscape will bring exposure to potential complications, including weather, animals, and bugs. A smart move is to demand property listings with insect-deterrent plants throughout the landscape. This will naturally reduce the number of bugs you see all around the area.

Finding a place to buy where you can avoid insect exposure altogether is not realistic. Fortunately, you can use some or all these guidelines to help you find an ideal place to buy. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a residential real estate agent near you.


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