4 Things Not To Do With A House On The Market

Posted on: 24 July 2017

When your house is on the market you may give a lot of thought to all the different things you can do to help the house sell fast. However, you may not give very much thought at all to the things you don't want to do. Here are 4 things you may not want to do when you have your house for sale:

Don't decide it's a good time for a vacation 

It may come about that you find a new place, move in and get all unpacked, then decide you feel like taking the family on a vacation to celebrate. However, if you still have your other house up on the market, you may really want to reconsider taking that trip. While the realtor will be more than capable of showing the house while you are away, it will be much easier to accept an offer if you are in town. This way, you can meet up with your realtor and get the ball rolling. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a town you aren't familiar with in search of fax machines, better reception, etc.

Don't interfere with the showing of your home

If you are still living in your home while it is on the market, you want to make yourself scarce when the realtor will be showing it to potential buyers. If you aren't able to leave the home, then you should try to step outside and maybe even go for a walk around the block. The buyers are going to feel more comfortable looking around the house with you not in it. If there are extenuating circumstances and you must be in the house, then you want to remain as unheard and unseen as possible. Don't feel like pointing out the selling points of your home, trust in the realtor to sell it for you while you try to remain out of sight.

Don't let your pets run wild

There should be a plan in place for keeping your animals out of the way of the realtor and the potential buyers when the house is being shown. If there is a chance the realtor may want to show the house while you are at work, maybe you could have a neighbor go to the house and bring them to their house while the realtor is there. Maybe you can put them in daycare while you are at work when there is the chance of a possible showing popping up. If you are home, then you want to round them up and put them somewhere where they are going to interfere with the showing the least.

Be careful with the smells of your home

Keep in mind some people have sensitivity issues to certain smells like those from incense or even certain essential oils. If you now there is the chance of your home being shown soon, you want to try to avoid using these things where there is a good chance of the odors still being in the air when the potential buyers show up to look at the home.


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