The Difference Between A Buyer's Agent And Listing Agent

Posted on: 3 April 2023

Real estate agents assist with property sales by helping buyers and sellers. However, most real estate transactions require two real estate agents. One agent is the listing agent, while the other is the buyer's agent. But what is the difference? If you want to buy or sell a property, it might be helpful to understand the differences. Continue reading to learn about these real estate agents

Buyer's agent duties and responsibilities

The first type of agent you can hire is a buyer's agent. This type of agent is the person you hire when you want to purchase a property. A residential buyer's agent is the best type if you want to buy a home. You can also hire a commercial buyer's agent if you want to purchase commercial property.

A buyer's agent works for the buyer. They represent the buyer and take steps to protect the buyer in the transaction. Therefore, you can expect this person to help you find properties to buy. They'll also attend home tours with you and recommend inspections for the purchase. They're there for the negotiations in the transaction, and they assist with closings. A buyer's agent assists with every step of the purchase process and looks out for the buyer's interest.

Listing agent's duties and responsibilities

As you can imagine, a listing agent is there for the seller. When someone wants to sell a home or commercial property, they contact a listing agent. This agent puts the property up for sale and manages all the seller's issues and concerns. They negotiate on behalf of the seller and answer all the seller's questions. They protect the seller's interests in the deal.

Thus, they begin by recommending updates to the property before listing it. They also schedule all the showings with the seller, but they do not attend these showings. If the seller wants to host an open house, the listing agent is responsible for planning and managing the event. The seller turns to the listing agent with questions or problems relating to the sale.

Who should you hire?

As you can see, a buyer's agent assists the person buying a home or property. Conversely, a listing agent helps the person who wants to sell a property. After learning these differences, you'll know who to hire for your next property purchase or sale. Contact a local buyer's or seller's agent to seek help for your sale or purchase.


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