A Good Candidate For Home Ownership

Posted on: 26 July 2017

How do you know that you are going to be a good candidate for home ownership? While you may really want to buy a home right now, you will feel much better about the situation if you can clearly see that you are going to walk into a lenders office and hear good news. The information below will explain what makes a person a good candidate for home loan approval, so you can see how close you are to meeting the criteria:

A good credit score

One of the deciding factors with regards to being approved for a home loan will be your credit score. Keep in mind, there are different types of loans available for those with varying credit scores, but the higher your score is the easier time you will have securing a loan and the better interest rate you will get.

A good employment history

When you go in for a home loan, the best scenario will be for you to have at least two years at the same job. However, there is room for some differences in this area. For example, if you completed school in the same field you are currently working in and you have had your job for a year, then you may still be approvable for a home loan. Also, if you have had a change in jobs, but stayed in the same field, then you may still be able to secure a loan even if you haven't held your latest job for two straight years.

A good idea of what you want

Before you decide it's time to go in and meet with a lender to start the home buying process, you want to make sure you have a good idea of what you want. For example, if you aren't sure you want to buy in the state you currently live in, then you should wait. You want to know what you will be looking for, as well as where you want it to be. You will need a lender who is licensed in the state you plan on moving to.


Once you feel you are in a good place to begin the process, go in and see a lender for preapproval. After this, you will be ready to work with a real estate agent on finding the perfect place for you and your family to make your next home for many years to come.


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