Home Buying In An Unfamiliar Area? These Clues Signal A Safe Neighborhood

Posted on: 27 July 2017

One of the most difficult aspects of buying a new home in an unfamiliar area is determining if the neighborhood is safe for your family to live in. Since your family's security is a primary concern when home shopping, it is important you conduct research on each neighborhood you consider moving to. Thankfully, if you know what to look for, then there are many clues that will show you if an area is safe or not, including each of the following:

Clue: The Neighborhood's Homes Show Pride of Ownership

Neighborhoods that are safe and family-oriented tend to show a lot of pride of ownership. When you are driving around looking for your next home, take the time to look at the other houses in the neighborhood. While looking at the other homes, determine if they show the tell-tale signs of pride of ownership, such as:

  • nice landscaping

  • well-painted siding

  • upgraded windows

  • new decks and fences

In addition to each of these things, safer neighborhoods also tend to have homes with roofs that are replaced when necessary and nice rain gutter systems.

Clue: There Are Signs Promoting a Local Neighborhood Watch Group

Since law enforcement officers can't always be present in every neighborhood, an active neighborhood watch group can greatly increase the safety of an area. If you see signs posted for an active neighborhood watch group, then this is a sure sign the neighborhood's residents take each other's security very seriously.

Before you make an offer on a home, first, contact the local neighborhood watch group's and get their opinions on the overall safety of the neighborhood and town.

Clue: Active Foot Traffic at Night in the Neighborhood

When you find a home you are considering for purchase, make a trip out to its surrounding neighborhood in the evening just after dark. As you drive around, watch for people walking around because after dark foot traffic is a sure clue that a neighborhood is safe. Alternatively, if there is no sign of people in the area once the sun goes down, then the area likely has issues with crime and should be avoided.

A Final Thought

In addition to watching for the above clues, you should also hire a real estate agent that is intimately familiar with the areas where you are looking at homes. Your realtor can give you more information about neighborhood safety and steer you towards those areas that contain homes that are largely owner-occupied.   


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