How Personal Blogs Can Help You Find The Right Neighborhood

Posted on: 28 July 2017

If you have been going back and forth with some different areas and trying to decide which one would be the best for your family to relocate to, then you may be surprised to learn some of the ways the Internet can help you choose the right area. Here are some surprising ways you can learn more about what it's like to live in the different areas without actually living in them first:

Join social media groups for those specific areas

Each area will generally have social media groups for residents of those areas. These groups can be quite specific with regards to their intended purpose, but you can use them for your own purpose which is to learn about the area. For example, you may find neighborhood chat groups, neighborhood watch groups, parenting groups, second-hand sales groups, lost pets groups and more.

Use a satellite image map to cruise the area without being there

You can pull up a street view from a program like Google Earth or one of the similar ones to take a look around the whole area without needing to even get in your car. This is a great way for you to learn the area before you even go there. You can even use programs like these to pinpoint all the types of local businesses that you would more than likely be going to should you decide to buy a home in that area. With some programs, you can go to street view and view everything just as if you are in a car. You can click on the arrows on the screen to direct the movement so it seems like you are driving down the street.

Use demographic sites to learn facts about different areas

You can use different demographic sites to compare crime, employment statistics, weather, cost of living and other information with other areas. A few of the different sites you can use for this purpose include, and There are many others available as well, so you can find the ones that give you information specific to your own family's needs.

Visit a city's chamber of commerce site

Most city's chamber of commerce will have a website dedicated to providing both current and perspective residents with information. While some of these sites can be a bit limited with the information they provide, others can be extremely detailed. Some will even offer video tours and give you plenty of links to other helpful sites on that area.

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