Making Your Home Show Better: 3 Common Problems And How To Solve Them

Posted on: 15 March 2018

Once the decision is made to sell the house and the sign is on the lawn, homeowners often feel mounting pressure to make sure that prospective buyers will like everything they see. These sellers know that buyers and their agents typically spend just minutes inside each home, so its up to them to make each showing as perfect as possible.

Sometimes, however, simple issues in an otherwise attractive home can keep it from looking and showing its best. If you have listed your home for sale or are preparing to do so soon, here are three common problems to look for and some easy fixes for solving them. 

The dark, depressing home

A home that feels dark or depressing can quickly kill a buyer's interest and encourage them to move on to the next house on their list. In most cases, however, the problem of a dark, dreary home can be solved with a three-point approach that includes these actions: 

  • make sure that the walls and ceilings are clean and painted a pleasing light or bright shade
  • remove heavy window coverings and replace them with sheerer options that will allow natural light to filter through
  • change existing light bulbs to halogen bulbs, which are known to cast a brighter, more natural light

By taking just these three actions throughout your home, you can help to dispel shadows and visibly brighten the entire interior.  

The home that looks too small 

Chances are, a home that looks too small is probably a crowded home. Sometimes this is caused by having too much furniture or furniture that is just too large for the rooms it is in. In addition, it can also be caused by simply having too many decorative items or possessions on the walls and surfaces of each room.

To solve this problem and allow the buyer to really see the size of each room, remove most of the excess items and store them away. If your furniture is large, consider removing some of it or switching it out with smaller pieces from other areas of the home to open up more wall and floor space and make the room feel much larger. 

The kitchen with less-than-optimal counter space

Counter space in the kitchen is a huge deal for most buyers. If your kitchen has limited counter space, take time to remove all small appliances, canisters, and gadgets and place them out of view in the pantry or inside a cabinet. By making sure that the counter space you do have is cleared off and shining clean, your entire kitchen will be more pleasing and attractive to even picky buyers. 

If you are concerned about these or other showing issues, invite your real estate professional to tour your home and offer frank, but helpful advice. Their experience in working with home buyers can give them valuable insight that their listing clients can use to improve their home's appeal. 


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